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Grupo Solitium is a Spanish engineering company specializing in the sale of machinery for additive manufacturing. Extensive experience in the fast prototyping sector enables them to provide technological solutions that are tailored to the needs of each customer with an extensive commercial and technical specialized network that covers the entire national territory.

3DSOMA has been bringing the latest technological innovations (modeling, printing and 3D scanning, electronics, cryptocurrencies, etc.) to the whole world since 2013, either locally through their services, advicing and training or through its store in the center of Palma de Mallorca, as a global level thanks to its presence on the internet: social networks, online store and marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, etc.)

Concept Store 3D specializes in the field of “additive manufacturing”, commonly known as 3D Printing: Filament Deposition and Stereolithography.
Our company was born in August 2014 from the desire to democratize and to make this manufacturing technique available to professionals and individuals, through physical locations accessible to the greatest number.

ERM Fab&Test is a French engineering company specializing in the sale of machinery for the manufacturing and test of prototypes and short-runs. Their 30 years of expertise in mechanical and mecatronics engineering enables them to provide technological solutions and services that are tailored to the needs of each organisation in the fields of industry, medical, education and research. They support their customers on the whole French territory with a highly skilled team of sales engineers and support technicians/engineers.

Launched in 2017 and belonging to Hava 3D Group, Neofab’s business focuses on selling complete Digital Manufacturing solutions to industrial customers. In a growing market, Neofab relies on strong brands with a value-added service to serve a demanding clientele in the integration of solutions allowing the technological transition towards Industry 4.0.

The additive manufacturing solutions market is served by a team dedicated to building a long-term relationship with its customers, including start-ups, SMEs and large French companies.

Delta 3D Print is an expert company in providing solutions in Additive Manufacturing and Professional 3D Printing. Their experience and knowledge allow them to advise and help the client to carry out their projects in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. Do not try to reinvent something that they can possibly offer you!

It is the result of the collaboration of 3 groups of printing specialists active in the market for more than 25 years. Their job: integrate 3D printing solutions. A3D Project aims to provide its clients with strategic partnerships based on leading manufacturers in their fields, experts in C.A.O., collaborative software edition and solution integration. Accompany clients is also knowing how to surround themselves with the best skills to offer them quality training, expert advice applied to each activity sector or a network of service providers.

Founded in 1991 Disc Direct Handels GmbH has a lot of knowledge in the printing industry. Several years ago, they decided to add a third dimension to their printers. With headquarters in Germany and a focus on the German speaking area they are supplying their customers with high quality 3d printing systems from trusted partners.
With their value-added services they will help you to implement industrial 3d printing in your company. Contact their dedicated sales team for a long-term relationship and great printing results.

Our aim is to bring the newest production techniques as close to the designer as possible, so they can discover the many benefits of digital manufacturing. Lightweight structures, geometrical complex designs, integration of different functionalities, tracking and assembly are just a few parameters designers today can use to ensure their lead on their competitors.

J-Techno is a Japanese software developer company located in Osaka. Its main activity is based on consulting services CAD / CAM / CAE and IT consulting. In addition, in 2018 they have incorporated a new division of 3D printing dedicated to give support and solutions to those companies that look for in the additive manufacturing a structural optimization and a generative modeling.

As the world’s leading air filter producer, Mikropor does not only produce air filter. Mikropor produces the technology that makes the world a safer place. It strives to reach the future from today and add value to its business partners.

The philosophy of producing the future has been adapted in all of the processes that make up the company from Mikropor’s production facilities to its human resources strategy, from its delivery system to the nature compatible production principles and these have been turned into company’s main policy.

Dipaul company was founded in 1992 and by now became one of the market leaders in development and implementation of high-tech projects for Russian electronics industry enterprises. The company carries out all works along the process of manufacturing facilities establishment to fulfill various customer’s requirements, from design to construction and provision of maintainable engineering infrastructures. Being an official distributor of top-level equipment manufacturers, Dipaul company supplies domestic enterprises with technological, measuring and test equipment, as well as with different kinds of process materials. Dipaul company also acts as a foremost knowledge provider for electronics industry specialists in Russia. Among key working assets of the compony they record significant experience with main Russian manufacturers, research and educational institutions.

TecSol3D is a company dedicated to implement Manufacturing 4.0 solutions to companies in Mexico. They specialize in two branches: Dimensional Inspection by means of 3D Scanning and Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) for rapid manufacturing of industrial parts as tools for short runs and manufacture of high strength elements for manufacturing as gauges, grippers, gages or fixtures.

Novabeans provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions. The company was founded by IT professionals and today it has grown into a premier provider of 3D printing technology in India. Its powerful digital thread empowers professionals, students, and individuals everywhere to bring their ideas to life.

B2N is the leading distributor of additive manufacturing technologies in South East Europe. They offer the ultimate 3D printing experience to both corporate and business partners and end users through their carefully selected and well established brands. Their showrooms and valuable reseller network across the Balkan countries are a place to witness 3D printing technologies. Their engineers provide professional consulting in the whole process of inspiration, design, prototyping and production – finding the right unique solution for you. Their service points are your guarantee for reliable and effective implementation of 3D printing in your everyday business.

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