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Case of success Mann+Hummel

The plant that the German multinational has in Zaragoza has a DT600 in its facilities since last year that has meant a significant change in their production processes thanks, in part, to the reduction of time and the quality of their parts.

“In a few hours you can print pieces to make different tests or to make molds, which implies a reduction in costs due to not having to do it in aluminum” – says Raúl Camacho, engineer of Mann Hummel.

Making real prototypes in technical materials has always been a challenge. Having a physical model with important mechanical and thermal characteristics is a great step forward in order to test different functionalities and establish improvements in those pieces in an immediate way.

“With DT600 we make pieces that allow us to see at the moment the structural improvements that we can incorporate to our machines without requesting shipments from the headquarters.” says Raúl Camacho.

The wide printing capacity, the quality of the pieces and the possibility of printing the most technical materials has meant that a machine which was incorporated to make simple prototypes, is used by numerous departments for multiple uses.
DT600 was designed to reach all industrial sectors that includes the possibility of printing any technical material, with many uses and with a number of possibilities that are discovered once it has been incorporated into the facilities.

Case of success made at Mann Hummel Ibérica facilities in Zaragoza. Are you satisfied with our printer and want to appear in our cases of success? Contact us.