Dynamical ToolsNews Dynamical Tools lands in the Turkish capital

Dynamical Tools lands in the Turkish capital

Dynamical Tools signs with Mikropor and starts the distribution of its products in Turkey. The great Turkish company, which has already worked with 3D printing, is fully introduced into the world of distribution after the signing of this agreement.

3D printing does not understand borders and continues growing day by day reaching many countries and industries that join the revolution of Industry 4.0. Turkey, the country where East and West merge under its watchful eye, is not indifferent to this advance.

Mikropor, as the world’s leading air filter producer, does not only produce filters, and starts the distribution of 3D printing technology by the hand of Dynamical Tools. With a large investment in R & D, the Turkish company seeks the acquisition of the newest technologies in the market.

Both companies, under the philosophy of producing the future, seek to adapt new technologies in all production processes and expect great productivity with this new business relationship.

With the distribution agreement between Dynamical Tools and Mikropor, the Spanish company starts its journey in Turkey and does not close its doors to possible distributions in other countries.