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The implementation of Additive Manufacturing in Valeo

Two years and a half ago, the plant that the French multinational has in Zaragoza decided to join the change that is the additive manufacturing, incorporating a DT600 to its prototyping department.

Endorsed by the characteristics of the printer, in a short period of time they got high quality prototypes, a significant reduction in the cost of each prototype, the possibility of making pieces in the shortest time possible and being able to relocate a person who was only dedicated to the realization of manual prototypes.

“Little by little we have been moving forward to make more complex parts such as adaptations for flow banks or parts for the HVAC department, which are prototypes for future modifications” explains Daniel Sebastián, head of the Valeo prototype department in Zaragoza.

The DT600 is working 24 hours a day. And the versatility of the machine is total. The reduction of time its main benefit, the realization of prototypes its main task and the speed in solving problems that may arise in the production lines a very important value.

One of the departments where the printed prototypes are most used by the DT600 is the physical laboratory. There, among other things, they make toolings that are used for measurement tests in loss of load in appliances.

“Before, we made tools with steel plates that cost a lot of time and we were limited by the forms we could get. Thanks to 3D printing we can make tools of any geometry in a very short time and allows us to reduce costs since there are toolings that are used only once”, says Iñigo Tolosa, responsible for the physical laboratory in Valeo.

Of Dynamical Tools, Valeo highlights “the quality of the work, the management, the great technical support it offers and the reliability of its products”. Therefore, they do not close to incorporate new products.