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DT600+, Gives You Power To Unleash Your Projects

Independent Double Head

3D printer DT600 has a dua head lthat allows working with different materials in one piece, preventing heat transfer between the heads and offering a clean and precise finish.

Being able to use materials soluble supports, or even make a hybrid component mixing different materials like PETG, Nylon, Carbon Fiber and many other materials.

Double independent head of the DT600 also allows to manufacture two pieces simultaneously. Thus it is speeding up, even more the production process.

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Dt600 Works With The Most Demanding Materials

Unlike other industrial 3D printers, DT600 can work with several technical materials, including flexible materials and materials with mechanical properties beyond ABS.

Printer designed for the most demanding needs which includes among its compatible materials, filaments with high mechanical strength such as PEEK, carbon fiber or fiberglass filaments and even ESD. Materials that reduce static electricity to protect sensitive to it or have to stay in flammable environments circuits.

In addition to these materials, Dynamical Tools have prepared profiles ready printing for use, in order to provide our customers work with different materials tested with our 3D printers for industry.

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Test DT600

Order your sample and check the 3D print result of DT600 offers. Our printer can work with a variety of materials and can offer tests using various materials to see which best fits your production needs. Together we you get the best results with Additive Manufacturing.

The versatility of this 3D printer, is the simplification of work for many industries, as well as a significant cost savings by incorporating additive manufacturing in combination with traditional manufacturing thanks to the work range of materials offered.

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Getting the best 3D Printing

3 Print Modes

Twin Mode | Dual Mode | Single Mode

Heated Area

Inner temperature controlled

Achieving high printing temperatures

Maximum temperature of printing surface 150º
Maximum temperature of extruder 500º

Maintenance System

Modular Maintenance System (MMS)

And a broad volume of construction

600 x 450 x 450mm

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DT 600 and Simplify3D® Software – a powerful combination for a fast start-up and  optimal 3D print quality

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