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HT45, Redefining the FFF limits

High Performance

Printing of high temperature materials: PEEK, PEI, Metal filaments

HT45 is a FFF technology 3D printer with a series of mechanical and thermal characteristics that make it possible to print the most demanding materials by the industry.


Print volume 450 x 300 x 300 mm
Precision Z axis: 1,25 microns
Precision XY axis: 12 microns
Max. Extruder temperature 500ºC
Max. Environment temperature 200ºC
Ready to print PEEK, PEI, Metal Filaments
Nozzle diameter 0,6 mm
Other available diameters 0,2 / 0,4 / 0,8 / 1 / 1,2 mm
Titanium thermal barrier
Extruder height automatic regulation
Heated feeder
Jam detection
End of filament detection
Printing recovery system
Liquid refrigeration
Double tempered glass
Base fixed by vacuum
Positioning controlled by encoder
220 – 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Maximum consumption 3 kW/h
7 “LCD touch screen
Monitoring by Webcam
MMS System – Modular maintenance system
Conectivity: Ethernet, USB
Printer size 1265 x 780 x 1750 mm