3D Printing for Architecture

Quality and costs

In architecture, 3D printing is used to create models, as it allows building prototypes at a high speed, at a lower cost than usual and with precision and details unviable in a conventional model.


An object printed in 3D makes its design tangible. So a detailed scale model of the final project can be a valuable way of communicating your design idea. These models favor the planning of cities on models where it is possible to overlap specific maps (demographic, circulation, green areas, etc.) to evaluate impacts.

Maximum value

Where 3D is squeezed its potential is a complicated design element (such as double curvature surfaces or complex façades not made up to now). In addition, it allows to evaluate the designs in an agile and efficient way.

Time for you

An Architect should invest his time in creating new structures. Using 3D printing you can make your actual scale model and while doing 3D printing, you can continue working on other important tasks, the 3D printer works autonomously.

The flexibility of 3D printing

Making a change or improvement is simple, simply by editing the file and re-printing the object. This is the advantage of 3D printing full control on your hands, reducing costs and increasing profits.

With our 3D Printers

You will be able to print large parts and materials of diverse textures that will make of its scale model an unbeatable communication weapon.