3D Printing for Automotive

3D printing is revolutionizing the world of the automotive industry at all levels and increasingly is being used in the early stages of design, manufacturing models in record time, but also for the realization of final elements for cars, both parts as accessories.

The ability to move from 3D design to a real model in a matter of hours is a very important key to the automotive industry.

The main advantages of having 3D printing for the automotive world (and in general, for the manufacture of any vehicle) is that it shortens production processes radically. Having a new piece to test is a matter of hours, its validation or redesign are key elements for the optimization of production.

DT600 allows you to not only short deadlines and reduce costs, but also to print high volume parts with reduced time, duplicate production and even innovate with new materials and geometries optimizing results.

This brings a lot of flexibility when designing the different parts, without molds, without waiting, you design the piece, you print it and you try it. It is the dream of any designer.

All the world’s automakers, such as Ford, Renault, GM, BMW, Mercedes, VAG, Toyota use 3D printing in their factories. R + D + I departments, prototypes, parts for the assembly line, tools and even printed pieces for the vehicles that circulate daily through our streets.

With our 3D Printers

You will be able to print large parts and materials of diverse textures that will make of its scale model an unbeatable communication weapon.