Dynamical ToolsSuccess Stories Impremium – Official printing service

Impremium – Official printing service

Aragonese company located in Sor Juana de la Cruz 25, local.

José Antonio Beamonte and Javier Trullén, its founders, great professionals and experts in the world of 3D printing, are the protagonists of this interview.

What has Dynamical Tools meant for Impremium, and specifically DT600?

The DT600 is the machine that we needed. It is an incredible performance machine, which has nothing to envy to others with much higher price. With it we have possibilities to do practically anything that we propose and to be much more competitive in Price. That has allowed us to establish professionally in the field of 3D printing. With another manufacturer, it would have been impossible.

The process of updating and improving is continuous, so that more and more things can be achieved. Dynamical Tools goes far beyond technical advice or periodic updates. Being located very close allows us we have a good relationship with all the staff, so that any questions, materials or spare that we need, they provide it without any kind of problem.

In addition, we have positioned ourselves as Dynamical Tools official printing service, which was a vital help in these first months of activity.

How do you see the future in the world of 3D printing?

Infinite, incredible, interesting, almost everything to discover … and so we could continue … Everyone to whom we talk about this says the same thing, “it’s the future”. It is unquestionable that 3D printing already produces a benefit in society at all levels. The ability of 3D printing to create, until now expensive production phases, such as prototyping, happen to be a few hours or at most a few days, achieving considerable savings.

But that’s just an example, the medical sector relies more and more on 3D printing to make diagnoses before an intervention, or the prosthetist, who thanks to 3D printing can customize each element for each person …

Fashion, decoration, architecture, food … It has no end.

Within all the sectors in which 3D printing moves, in which one are you moving the most? Did you expect this result or have you been surprised?

We come from the industrial sector and that is where we are most comfortable, although given the amount of materials that already exist and that are emerging, we move through many other fields.

In the time we have been dedicated to 3D printing we have had the opportunity to do many different things. People are leading it more towards prototyping, but we have also made parts that are final pieces of manufacturing processes with which people is working every day. There are countless applications, and in a way it is what we were looking for. More than surprised, we are satisfied with how things are developing.

What do you think about the new ST30 that DT will show in 2019?

An incredible machine design, which we were lucky to test in ADDIT3D. A big step in 3D printing with no doubts. We are already evaluating the possibility of including it to our portfolio next year.


What combination of materials has been the most difficult in the DT600?

As 3D designers that we really are, we take advantage of our resources to model supports that help to obtain better finishes, and that is where we apply the combination of materials with greater assiduity.

We are always testing combinations of materials that behave well when they come into contact, but they separate well when we remove the supports.